Sunday, October 15, 2017

Railways Department experiences Rs.12 million rupees loss due to strike

The Railways Department has faced a consequential loss 12 million rupees due to the railway strike which was launched recently.

The Department has lost the income gained from issuing tickets to passengers and seat reservations, during the period of the railway strike.
370 scheduled trips were cancelled due to the railway strike which was launched on October 11.Therefore, the passengers who bought tickets and reserved seats experienced a huge inconvenience, said the Department.
Facilities were provided for passengers possessing train season tickets to travel in SLTB buses free of charge, by the transport Ministry as a measure of easing the inconvenience faced by passengers due to the strike. Meanwhile the passengers bearing train season tickets were also permitted to travel in Highway Luxury buses as well.
Railway trade unions decided to call off their strike on October 12, after discussions with the Presidential Secretary Austin Fernando, on the instructions of President. 
The passengers who made seat reservations and were victimized due to the railway strike can refund their money by placing a request at the Department with the respective train tickets, the Railways Department announced.

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