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Sunday, June 20, 2021

More information about the girl and her mother who were online prostitutes

The hidden facts of the crime are out

Police have revealed more information regarding the incident where a 15 year old girl was sold for money through the internet.

The suspect was produced before the Moratuwa Magistrate's Court on the 07th and remanded till the 08nd of this month.

He is said to be a 35-year-old father of four.

The girl is worth hundreds of thousands

The girl had been detained in an apartment in Mount Lavinia and the suspect had paid Rs. 65,000 for the house.

It is said that the girl was detained in the house and her photos were published on the internet and advertisements were posted on social media and she was sold for money.

It is said that the girl has been sold to various people for sex and the person concerned has charged hundreds of thousands of rupees for it.

1000 per minute

Preliminary investigations have revealed that he has been involved in this racket since January this year (2021).

He has also created a web page for the girl on the internet and has published the girl through it.

It has been revealed that he had also run a business of showing the girl naked and showing her live footage through video calls through the relevant web page and charged Rs. 1000 per minute for those videos and Rs.

The girl's mother has been sold for 21 million

Meanwhile, further investigations have revealed that the suspect had previously used the mother of the girl who was used in this illegal business for similar sex trafficking.

It has been revealed that the mother of the girl, a resident of Delgoda, is a beautiful 31 year old woman and the suspect had at one point sold her to a capitalist for Rs. 21 lakhs.

It has now been revealed that she has been sold to various people for hundreds of thousands of rupees on several occasions.

Mother is also involved

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the girl had been handed over to this person by her mother.

Accordingly, the police suspect that she is also involved in the racket of selling the girl to various people.

Police sources stated that an extensive investigation has been launched into the incident.

Even those who are favored by the girl are wrong

Police are also investigating to arrest those who paid for the girl's scenes and those who bought the girl for money.

The girl is currently being admitted to the Kalubowila Hospital.

The Children and Women's Bureau of the Mount Lavinia Police is conducting further investigations.

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