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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The wonderful story told by the LTTE suspects detained in Anuradhapura to the Minister of Justice

Ali Sabri, the Minister of Justice, said that the LTTE suspects detained at the Anuradhapura prison had told him that there were no security or facilities problems.

The Minister further stated that they had stated this during a discussion with the relevant detainees.

“I asked those detainees. They have no problem with the security or facilities they get here. They immediately stated that there was no security issue here. They said they were asking to go to Jaffna because they were close to the countryside. I was told that if there was a security issue here we could send it to the high security nets. At the same time, they all said that there was no security issue. ”

The Anuradhapura Prison is expected to be shifted to Oyamadu, said Ali Sabri, President's Counsel.

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