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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Midnight agreement signed with an American company

An agreement to transfer 40 percent of the shares of the Kerawalapitiya Thermal Power Plant to an American company was signed at midnight last Friday, said the Leader of the JVP Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

He was speaking at a press conference held at the JVP office today.

He further said,

"We want to lay a pipeline system to convert the Kerawalapitiya power plant into a gas power plant. We want to build a storage system. The Ministry of Petroleum has invited bids for this. By a February 2021, 18 newspaper ad. However, as the Minister of Finance, Basil Rajapaksa submitted a Cabinet Memorandum to an American company which was not involved in the tender.
Has been assigned. Transferred to a company called New Fortress Energy. As a deal, this is not a clean deal. If it was a clean deal, the American company could have submitted their bid at the time of that bid and taken over the construction. What has been done at the outset is that a cabinet decision will be taken to give this construction to an American company which was not a bidder. Not only that, the contract to supply natural gas for 05 years has been given to the same company. In addition, New Fortress Energy will be given the right to supply gas to any other power plant to be built in Kerawalapitiya within five years. This is also the property of mother and father. What has been done? The agreement to hand over 05% of the shares of this Kerawalapitiya power plant to the American New Fortress Energy Company was signed last Friday. When this cabinet paper is approved no minister has a cabinet paper. The agreement for the sale and purchase of these shares has been submitted to the Cabinet after signing. This agreement was signed at 40 pm on the 17th. The white man who came to sign is going to America in the morning. These are the owls to sign agreements at 12.06 pm.

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