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The emotional story told by Chathu Munasinghe who left this world forever

Chathurika Munasinghe who taught life to everyone passed away today ..

While everyone was talking about her, we thought we'd bring you a story she told a weekend newspaper a few days ago.

The aspirations of life do not flow in the same rhythm. Unexpected falls and ups and downs are the heritage of life. But if there is a mind that can look at it all with contempt, there is nothing strange to explain about the comfort of that mind.

She is Udari Chathurika Munasinghe. She is still XNUMX years old and suffering from pancreatic cancer. But it seems that even hundreds of thousands of cancer cells could not lose their courage because she accepted the unexpected verdict that found her life.

'' This cancer is really a blessing to me now. I have met many people who have been diagnosed with cancer due to my medical condition. They were all ready to die, but none of them were prepared for it. Even my husband at first thought that we should not talk about death at home. He was in tears every time he saw me. But when we treat someone who has cancer, we understand what is going on inside our body. Burns inside the body. Then we feel that we have no escape from this. I have to suffer there. Realizing this, I informed my family. I also told my two daughters that one day they would have to leave, but that they would be happy to be with you while you were there. I told the gentleman, who at first did not want to talk about death, that we should talk about it. Or maybe you wish you could talk to me a little later. "

That is how Chathurika joined us. It is amazing how she has mastered the realities of life. Although the hair loss was unbearable at first, she later managed to make it a cause for her beautiful enhancement.

"It simply came to our notice then. And then I think everything is over. Even relatives say that they should see the patient as soon as possible before he dies. This is a mess in our society. Then visitors come in with the idea that they should visit the patient before he or she dies. I never thought I would come to a place where I could really understand life because of cancer. ”

She says with optimism.

But not at first. The moment she found out she had cancer, she screamed and cried. Though she thought she was not afraid of death, she too was scared to death the moment she found out. In the meanwhile, relatives and friends said, "This doctor, this doctor is there."

"It simply came to our notice then. But luckily my husband understood me. He was with me. That was a big pin I made. He chooses clothes for me, brings me nail polish and lipstick. He is the one who tells us to be so beautiful and to dress so beautifully. He also teaches girls about fashion.

But with this problem we were very lonely as a family. My eldest daughter is still XNUMX years old. The little girl is five years old. One day the little girl came and told me that my mother had money in my pocket and that I could buy a new one. Can you imagine? Can those things be tolerated? Next I wondered if my little daughter would ever remember me. With that in mind, I avoided him for a while. But I didn't think it was the right thing to do. Then I decided to smile. "

She says it brought comfort to life. To date, she has not taken a single pill. That's how she's making up her mind.

"I'm not really scared to death. My life had many ups and downs. Once I went to put a noose around my neck. My brother and father saved me. I was not afraid of death like that. At first I was scared when I was told about cancer.

She started showing symptoms in November 2020. At that time she was engaged in several high profile jobs and started her own private clothing company. In the meantime, she has appeared in several commercials. She also spoke about the first clues she received about her condition.

“By November 2020, I could not eat. After eating two or three mouthfuls of rice, I started to get dizzy. The gentleman thought I was trying to lose weight without eating. I thought I could not eat properly because of homework and factory work. In the meantime I had a back problem. I didn't care. I thought it was not going to be an air rash. Brought from a pharmacy and oiled. Later, when my condition worsened, I went to the family doctor. The doctor diagnosed the disease. Gave painkillers. Within two or three days, the baby was in excruciating pain. Then a scan was done. That's when I learned that I had been diagnosed with some of the worst cancers in the world. It was also learned that the cancer had spread to the pancreas and liver. There is no opportunity to perform surgery. That is, when I was diagnosed with the disease, I learned that it could not be cured.

Although she is ill, she is not a reluctant person. So she created a website to help many people. She says that if she wants to help someone else, she should do so without hesitation.

And no matter where you are in the world, the role of a mother at home and in the office should always be appreciated, she says.

She is a lover of the world who is ready to face whatever happens tomorrow. She also has the courage to be loved in a world. So, as she says, we feel she needs to stay strong.

Deepa Wasanthi Edirisinghe
Excerpt: Dharani newspaper

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