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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Good news for those who are looking to buy new vehicles. Cars coming to Sri Lanka from the government soon

The Government has decided to give priority to the importation of electric cars when deciding to import vehicles in the future. The Ministry of Environment stated that this decision will be taken as a measure to reduce air pollution. It is reported that the Cabinet Memorandum for this has also been approved. The government is also considering the use of electric low-powered buses for passenger transport.

At present the maximum distance that an electric vehicle can travel after charging is between 300 and 350 km, so attention has been focused on importing cars that can travel up to 550 km. The Ministry of Environment stated that attention has been paid to increase the number of charging stations. At present the private sector has about 400 charging stations in various locations and the need to increase that number by another 350 has been emphasized.

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