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Here is the list of new banned polythene and plastics

Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera has instructed the Central Environmental Authority to expedite the ban on polythene and plastic second list products.

The Ministry of Environment has stated this in a statement.

Following are the recommended polythene and plastic related products included in the second list to be banned by the Ministry of Environment.

01. Shirt Clip on Shirt Packages.

02. Disposable plastic spoons, forks, knife food boxes, yogurt / ice cream spoons, food packaging and cups, dishes.

03. Posters, advertisements, cutouts and various types of advertisements made of polythene and plastic.

04.. Disposable drinking straws (Straws) and Stirrers.

05. Small silicone bags and shopping bags and grocery bags made of polythene and plastic up to 400-500 mm.

06. Small bottles less than 400 ml made of PET and PVC.

07. Use of polythene for incense and lantern packaging.

08. Foof Wrappers used to prevent crushing of fruits and vegetables.

09. Personal care products containing microplastics or microplastic beads.

10. Ingredients used to serve hot food items, such as string hopper trays, plastic spoons and cups.

11. Less than 750 ml bottles made of PET and PVC.

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) says it has also introduced eco-friendly alternatives for the production of all these products.

The Ministry of Environment had taken steps to ban five types of environmentally harmful products with effect from March 31.

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