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Monday, December 6, 2021

A change of government is imminent

Samagi Jana Balawewa MP SM Jayasinghe said that new methods are being used to suppress the media as technology advances. Mr. Marikkar said.

He was addressing a debate in Parliament today (2022) for the third day of the third reading of the 25 budget.

Speaking further Mr. SM Marikkar, Member of Parliament said,

“It is worth considering whether there is civil liberties in this country. We have seen the impact of the media not only on the freedom of the citizen, the right to information and enjoyment but also on life as a whole during the lockdown of the last Kovid period.

The government says we did not fire a single bullet, we did not use water and we did not use tear gas. But today the system used by this government to suppress the media has been renewed. It was before 2015 that white vans were brought in and journalists were fired.

Media institutions were bombed. Or the journalists were killed. Now that system has been used for a new system like new technology. The first of these two methods is to bring social media users as well as senior journalists to the CID for reporting and intimidate and censor the news.

The other is the attack on these media institutions through advertisements instead of bombings and arson. When advertisements are given by government agencies, the government has a cryptocurrency. Therefore, a change of government is imminent. Those who have not been transparent about it in the future should be concerned about it.

What are the dangers of attracting social media users? Today, when this information is hidden from the media, the people have a right to know what is happening in the country and the government. This hidden information comes out from social media. The complete closure of this social media means that the whole country is in a situation where news does not come out like a safe zone. We as the Opposition are clearly expressing our opposition. ”

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