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Saturday, June 19, 2021

A special statement from Minister Weerasekera regarding the 'Piumi and Chamuditha' incident

In a special statement to Parliament, Minister Sarath Weerasekara stated that he was being contacted as the Minister in charge of the Police regarding a controversial incident and that he was making false and insulting statements on social media.

The Minister also points out that it sends wrong messages about himself all over the world.

The Minister said that the statement he was making in Parliament regarding this incident was completely true while presenting information regarding the Piumi Hansamali incident.

The Minister further stated that the bus was not instructed to be diverted while being taken to a Passara center for quarantine.

The Minister admits that he had instructed the IGP in this regard as it was unjust to take him away only for 14 days.

The Minister is of the opinion that only an evil person can say that it is an act that should not be done.

The Minister reminds that he acted not only as the Minister in charge of the Police but also as a public representative.

The Minister was of the view that their situation was not taken into consideration and that it was the responsibility of a people's representative to do justice to all.

The Minister reveals that an announcer of a media institution had insulted him in a very insulting manner.

He also states that another media network had informed him that his son, a doctor, had got married at the Shangri-La Hotel two days ago and that the beautician involved in the incident had given him Rs. XNUMX million.

The Minister further stated that he sympathizes with the journalist and the media institutions who betray their souls for money and that he will take immediate legal action against those who insult him by posting obscene photographs on social media networks.

Minister Sarath Weerasekara expressed these views while participating in the adjournment debate in Parliament today (7).

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