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Sunday, June 20, 2021

"Tell Minister Lansa to come here..I will take you in the water" - People are angry

Residents of the area are facing severe difficulties due to the flooding of houses near the construction sites of the Central Expressway from Kadawatha to Mirigama.

Several places in the district including Gampaha town were inundated due to the recent heavy rains.

The Ja-Ela-Kandana and Ja-Ela-Gampaha roads are still flooded due to the overflowing of the Attanagallu Oya.

The people of Gampaha point out that all the paddy real estate businesses have been destroyed due to this unprecedented flood situation.

They point out that almost all the goods in the shops have been destroyed and hundreds of thousands have been damaged.

Residents of the Magalegoda area in Gampaha were preparing to hold a protest yesterday saying that the water would not recede due to the mounds brought for the construction of the Central Expressway.

But the police intervened and took steps to prevent it, saying it violated the quarantine rules.

Floods due to Devani

Meanwhile, a woman who came to the protest said, “I am not afraid to say Nimal Lansa. He said no one on the highway was submerged. If Lansa had told you to come here, we would have taken you right in the water. There is so much water here ”

Minister of State Nimal Lansa addressing the inauguration of road development projects under the Prosperity Path Revolution program yesterday (07) said that some areas should be blamed for flooding due to the Central Expressway. It is the good governance government that has changed its plans.

“It is said that some sections will be submerged due to the Central Expressway. At present the expressway system has not been submerged anywhere. But when some work started, various obstacles were put in place to prevent it from being done. If the issue of the Kridiya Silanika tree in the Gampaha area of ​​the Central Expressway had not been raised, by now the canals in that area could have been dug, the canals developed and the expressway built systematically. But those who obstructed it should be blamed for the floods. Also, the expressway in the Gampaha area had to go over towers. Good governance came and changed them. As a result, we have to rectify some issues. ” The Minister of State stated.

The people affected by the floods in the Gampaha District had strongly criticized Minister Lansa's statement that "the expressway system has not been submerged anywhere".

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