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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Signs that you will not be able to play online games in the future

The Lakmawa Daughters National Organization has submitted a letter to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission requesting immediate action to save children from the scourge of online computer games.

They handed over the letter this morning (14), said its national organizer Priyanga Kotelawala.

She further commented,

"What is being destroyed is the future generation of our country committing suicide. Children raised by suffering mothers are the ones who die prematurely. Therefore, what we have submitted in this letter is a request. Please, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission has a responsibility. We request the relevant authorities to release children from this. Because they can block online video games. They can disrupt them and stop them from coming to our country. We urge the authorities to take immediate action. This dying is leaving us, the future generation of our country. “

A 16-year-old boy who was addicted to online games committed suicide in the Gungamuwa area in Raigama, Bandaragama recently.

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