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Laugfs gas prices skyrocket today as Litro rises yesterday

Laugfs Gas has also increased the price of a domestic gas cylinder.

Accordingly a 12.5 kg gas cylinder has been increased by Rs. 984 and its new price is Rs. 2,840.

Also, a 5 kg gas cylinder has been increased by 393 rupees and the new price is 1,136 rupees.

Litro & Laughs has announced that it has decided to increase gas prices with effect from midnight yesterday (10).

Accordingly, the price of a 12.5 kg Litro domestic gas cylinder has been increased by Rs. 1,257 to Rs. 2,750. 

The company has also decided to increase the price of a 5 kg Litro gas cylinder by Rs. 503 and the price of a 2.5 kg gas cylinder by Rs. 231.

Accordingly, a 5 kg gas cylinder costs Rs. 1,101 while a 2.5 kg gas cylinder costs Rs. 520.

Meanwhile, a final decision is to be taken today (11) regarding the increase in the price of wheat flour.

The government recently lifted control prices on essential commodities such as milk powder, wheat flour, gas and cement.

At the same time, the companies had announced new prices relative to the cost of production.

However, when we inquired, the Minister of State for Consumer Protection Lasantha Alagiyawanna stated that if prices are increased unreasonably, steps will be taken to re-impose control prices on goods.

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