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Plane engine exploded by a hawk (VIDEO)

A passenger on a flight from Cuba to Moscow, Russia, had a horrific experience recorded on his phone camera.

The plane was flying over the runway when it was attacked by a swarm of hawks.

There, two hawks hit the wing of the aircraft and flew away, while another hawk was dragged into the aircraft engine. 

The engine had exploded and footage was recorded on the passenger's camera.

The victim belonged to Russia “Azure Air (Azur Air) ” the company ZF 556 Is the plane.

The airline said a hawk had hit the front of the plane, causing a severe hole in the plane.

The pilots were able to stop the plane without harming anyone as the incident took place before the plane took off.

In the video captured by the passenger on camera, hawks can also be seen colliding with the aircraft.

The video of that moment is below

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