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The emotional story of Weeraketiya Sachintha's mother who fell victim to a bullet

On the 19th of this month, Weeraketiya, Gajanayakama With the unfortunate incident reported from the area.

Mohottige Thilak, a resident of Gajanayakagama, Weeraketiya, and 14-year-old Sachintha Nimsara's father are children of the same brothers. The two families, who live in the same village, had been at loggerheads for some time over a piece of land that had not been extinguished. Although both groups are close relatives, Mohotti's Tilak was furious that the land dispute could not be resolved. The date is 2021.09.19. The time is close to 10 p.m. A group including Mohotti's Tilak came to Sachintha's house today with the intention of saving both. Thilak was accompanied by five or six others on the trip. Thilak came near Sachintha's house, which is within walking distance, and started shouting at Sachintha's father. This quarrel between the two groups was not so strange to the villagers either. Sachintha's father was not idle when Thilak and others arrived. When the two groups shouted at each other, 14 year old Sachintha and the residents came out of the house and wondered what the commotion was.

The altercation lasted for about 30 minutes and no one was second to none. Thilak, who used to fight, did not just fight today. Thilak had also come with a locally made stone firearm. That's because one of the two had to be saved today. As the argument continued, an impatient Tilak pulled out a flintlock pistol and shot Sachintha's father, claiming that he was going to kill him here today. Sachintha, 14, who was nearby, was shot by Tilak, who was as restless as Marawesen. The team, including Thilak, immediately fled the scene after their target went wrong. Sachintha's father and mother were rushed to the Weeraketiya Hospital but Sachintha had already passed away.

Sachintha Nimsara, 14, a 09th year student of Gajanayakagama Kanishta Vidyalaya, was shot dead by his father. The shooting took place at around 19 pm on the 10.30th.

Sachintha's mother, who could not bear the loss of her son, was able to weep all over the village. "On my son's birthday, we saw his son die. The son told me mom it was my birthday tomorrow. My son told me I wanted to celebrate my birthday. My son and I said we would celebrate my son's birthday tomorrow. Let's celebrate God's birthday for this too, ”Sachintha's mother began to lament, adding tears to the eyes of everyone who came and went.

Walasmulla Magistrate and Acting Magistrate L.B. Mr. Herasinghe conducted the magisterial inquiry and the Acting Magistrate ordered the Weeraketiya Police to take the body to the Tangalle Base Hospital and conduct a post mortem and submit a report to the court.

Following the revelation of information about this unfortunate incident, on the instructions of SSP Ravindra Ambepitiya in charge of Tangalle Division, Weeraketiya Police OIC Kelum Sangeeth and a team of police including OIC of the Crimes Division Sub Inspector Jayasundara went to the scene and conducted further investigations. Three were arrested on the morning of the 20th while hiding in their homes. However, another suspect, including the main suspect in the incident, had already fled the area. The three suspects were produced before the Walasmulla Magistrate's Court on the afternoon of the 20th and were remanded until October 05 by the Walasmulla Magistrate and Additional District Judge Mahesh Wakishta. Was done.

Accordingly, a police operation was launched to find the main suspect involved in the incident, Mohottige Tilak alias Sudda and Weebadu Mohandiramge Jeewasiri, who were hiding in a teak forest in the Gonahena area on the morning of the 22nd. According to the information received during the interrogation of the arrested suspect, the police also seized the stone firearm used in the shooting. The suspects were produced before the Walasmulla Magistrate's Court on the evening of the 22nd and were remanded until the 05th of October by the Walasmulla Magistrate and Additional District Judge Mahesh Wakishta.

The suspects were produced before the Walasmulla Magistrate's Court but did not have any legal representation.

Many people are struggling to survive the devastating global epidemic. In such a situation, it is clear that human qualities have deteriorated to the point where the same relatives of the same family can be shot and killed in a plot of land like wild people without a mind. Nature has given time to the whole country as well as the people of the world to think realistically about life, but it is unfortunate that there are still people in this society who do not care about it.

Tangalle SSP Ravindra Ambepitiya, Weeraketiya OIC Chief Inspector Kelum Sangeeth, Crime OIC Sub Inspector Jayasundara, Sub Inspector Pemaratne, Police Sergeant (25450) Rajaratne, Constables (12677) Officers (40643) Chaminda, (70223) Rasika and (26647) Lahiru have arrested the suspects and produced them before court.


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