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Friday, December 3, 2021

Gone are the days of beheading. The President should know that. A red light from the Archbishop to the President

His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith (26), the Archbishop of Colombo, arrived at the scene to inquire into the delay in clearing the shoreline, which had been polluted by the fire of the Express Pearl.

The heavily polluted Sarkuwa beach had been cleared by a group of people before the Cardinal arrived, and there was a controversy at the time.

The Archbishop of Colombo, His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith Thero and Ven. Pahiyangala Ananda Sagara Thero arrived at this place after the discussion.

The cardinal called on the government and the president to conduct a full investigation into the damage caused to the country by the shipwreck.

"This is going to be our country's shipping companies. We urge the government and the President to conduct a full investigation into this incident which has caused harm to this country. Why could this ship have been on fire for days? Why didn't you talk to the towing companies right away and fix it? Investigate them. I have filed a lawsuit. Make this clean-up operation stronger by demanding fines on behalf of the fishing community. ”

He further stated that the burning of the ship has caused great loss to the fishing community and the President should also know to protect the independence and sovereignty of the country.

He emphasized that the case against the company and the insurance company should be taken to the International Court of Justice.

“Our country is an independent country. The President should know that too. Independence Defend our sovereignty and speak for it. If they go to another country and do something like this, they will pay billions of dollars. It is useless to discuss this now. Now we need to make an impact. The voice of the people should be raised. The fishing community needs to raise its voice. Please take this case to the International Court of Justice against the company and the insurance company. This is our country ”

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