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Cars count up

There are many in our country who dream of owning their own vehicle. Due to the current import restrictions in Sri Lanka, we have to accept the bitter truth that we will have to wait a long time to make that dream come true.

Due to the restriction on the importation of vehicles, the prices of vehicles in the country are sky high. Vehicles that were worth Rs. 3 million a year and a half ago have doubled in value today.

This is not about vehicles that have increased in value. About vehicles that are valued relative to the cost of production due to the quality and comfort of the vehicles.

These are the vehicles that are currently being sold at the highest prices in the world. These are unimaginably expensive for the average person. That is why these are owned by rich people and heads of state.

These are just a few of the many cars that have been leased to the rich.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire - $ 18 million


He calls it the black car. It is made by the designers of Bugatti using carbon fiber. It has an 8 liter- quad - turbo 16-cylinder engine. It has 1500 horsepower. 62 mph in 2.4 (delivers a top speed of 2.4 mph in 62 seconds). The Bugatti mark is marked on the front of the vehicle.

Rolls - Royce Sweptail - $ 13 million


Rolls - A car manufactured by Royce in 2017 at the request of a customer. It was not marketed as it was made on that request. It is a two seater vehicle. It is powered by a 6.75 - liter v 12 engine that delivers 8 horsepower with an 453-speed transmission.

The V12 engine has a higher fuel cost. Its swichgear has a low and open perforated paldao. The roof is made of transparent glass.

Koenigsegg's CCXR Trevita - $ 4.8 million


This car is manufactured by Koenigsegg Company. The vehicle is painted in black coated fiber, white silver, as well as white diamond. It has a 4.8 twin - Supercharger 8 V engine. There is a 2.9 speed transmitter that exceeds 250 mph in 250 seconds (over 2.9 mph in 6 seconds).

carbon - ceramic breaks with ABS, airbags, paddle-shift, Chrono instrument cluster, infotaient system, tire monitoring system, hydraulic lifting.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster - $ 4.5 million


It was made by a member of the former royal family of Saudi Arabia through the Lamborghini Automobile Company in Italy. It was produced for the 50th anniversary of this company. It is powered by a 6.5 liter aspirated v 12 engine. It has a top speed of 2.9-0 km / h (100-0km / h in 100 Seconds) in 2.9 seconds. With a maximum power of 552 kW. It has a 7 speed transmission.

McLaren P1 LM - $ 3.6 million


This is a Hybrid fast sports car with a 3.8 liter -twin-turbocharger v 8 engine. The speed is 903hp. 7-speed dual clutch transmission. It accelerates from 7-2.8 km / h in 0 seconds. Colorings are done in black, yellow and blue.

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