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Sir Carlo did not see this song when he was alive

Although it is too late to remember the name Saheli Gamage, you will no doubt remember her with the song 'Maha Rajanani'. The song she sang more than a decade ago still lingers in people's minds. I haven't seen Saheli much since time immemorial. She has a dream beyond singing and now she lives in a foreign country. After a while the memory of her is awakened with new songs. As a result, she contacted us from a distant land to tell us new things about life.

Do you get to hear your own song after a while?

Fins Sara is my own new song. That song was brought to the fans. This song was composed by Prof. Kottegoda. The song was composed by Dr. Rohana Weerasinghe. 2019 was the last time I did a song of my own. He sang that song when he came to Sri Lanka. Rambukkana Siddhartha Thero composed the song 'Lassana Lanka'. Brother Anushka Dasanayake composed the music for the song.

The other day you created an old song in a new way.

Yes. Carlo Fonseka made a request to me while he was alive. That request is the request that the song of the Golden Daughter should be heard in my voice as well. Carlo Sir's family and our family have been friends for some time. Therefore, Carlo Sir wanted to do this song as a cover song with Carlo Sir's granddaughter Tharya de Silva. I complied with that request. Brother Anushka Dasanayake composed the music for the cover of 'Raththaran Duwe'. Tharya joined in the choreography and choreography of the song. Sir Carlo did not see this song when he was alive. That is the sad fact. But Carlo Sir's wife, Pearl's grandmother, and the rest of the family were delighted to see the song.

Why was this song not composed when Professor Carlo Fonseka was alive?

Sir, when I was alive, I really wanted to do this song. I wanted to come to Sri Lanka during that period but could not because of my duties. So I did the song from Canada. I sent the song to Tharya to do the dance video. The original singing of the song 'Rattaran Duwe' is by Nanda Malani.

Did she respond to the song?

I was not able to talk to Miss Nanda Malini. But she must have been happy about the cover design I did for her song. The melody of the original song is by Rohana Weerasinghe. He appreciated my singing.

The song 'Maha Rajanani' made you popular.

Many people think that you only sang that song. It was in the year 2008 that I released my first CD. I sang the Maha Rajanani song even after that. That was in 2009. It's been twelve years since that song was made. Many people recognized me because of that song. But I have sung about 70 songs so far. But some people think that I have only sung the song 'Maha Rajanani'.

saheli maharajanani
Sir Carlo did not see this song when he was alive2

Now you are a doctor.

Yes. I now work as a Resident Medical Officer (RMO) in the Geriatrics and Stroke Unit at Darling Down Hospital in Queensland, Australia. Busy with the profession. But no matter how busy they are, it is amazing to see patients recover.

Can you make time for music now with a career?

I love my profession as well as my music. Music is my hobby. Studying and professional work made it difficult for me to devote much time to music. But whenever possible I set aside time for music. We hope to bring new songs like Fins Sara to the fans in the future. I have no intention of giving up music.

Does that mean you don't have time to sing now?

I could not sing quickly because I could not stay in Sri Lanka for a while. Now the background is being prepared to record songs right here. I will not be silent for a long time in the future and try to bring good creations among the fans.

You may not have an idea to come to live in Sri Lanka now, right?

Sri Lanka is a beloved country. We love Sri Lanka. My husband is studying in Australia. I was in Canada with my mom and dad and my brother for a while. But my husband and I could not stay in both countries, so I came to Australia a few months ago. Now I can't stay in Sri Lanka because of my job. But I come and go in Sri Lanka whenever possible.

Thilini Kaushalya Wijesinghe

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