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"Don't rush to get married no matter how much you love her"

“There is no need to sell my tears justifying my speech. If my character is brutally murdered, I will not remain silent. ”

"Don't rush to get married no matter how much you love her"

“Look at the real man inside
It will take time. ”

She is a news creator in the art world. Introducing new designs to the fashion world. A phoenix that has been reduced to ashes by the ravages of life.

She is a genius who has taken a step away from art and taken a new step in the business world.

This is a conversation she had with a weekend newspaper

How is life these days?
Business is a bit busy these days.

When it comes to business?
I run a women's clothing business called My Dear Clothing. Less than a year after its inception, good progress has been made. Its business community is now over a dozen.

Why did you stay away from art?
No invitations were accepted for health reasons during the corona season. At that time I started my small business over the internet. It went unnoticed among the people. So I decided to take a little interval with art.

Isn't taking a break from art a hindrance to popularity?
People would not forget us if we contributed to the creations that touch people's hearts. I'm not the first person to take a break and go among people. The popularity of my first telenovelas is still there. In the history of the ten year art journey that started from there, the audience that embraced me is still around me. So I do not believe that the break will be a hindrance to popularity.

How is the dance troupe doing?
Dance classes are conducted online. The activities of the dance troupe have been suspended due to the suspension of entertainment such as parties and concerts.

Do you like to travel and try new foods?
I spend a lot of time promoting my business on my Instagram page. A lot of people think I'm a food experimenter. But those are just promotion events.

Do you go to great lengths to maintain your appearance in popularity?
As much as I don’t pay attention to looks. I do not use any creams other than water and natural treatments. Therefore, the effort for appearance is relatively minimal.

In divorce, many people point the finger at the female side. How did you cope with those accusations and mudslinging?
It is a common feature of society. Whether there is a fault or not, only the female side becomes the guilty side. Most people know the true story. Gossip is created by those unknown people. In the early days of my career in the arts, I was saddened by mudslinging. But now all those insults and allegations have been generalized. Things I did not say were published as if they were said. I don't have time to waste thinking about gossip right now. There is no need to sell those tearful stories justifying my story. Because I don't need anyone's sympathy.

Doesn't it make you feel guilty about keeping silent?
I didn’t create gossip too badly. If my character is killed so badly, I will not remain silent. But I have not yet been charged enough to take such action.

What is the lesson you learned from the past?
I have learned a lot of lessons. I got a better education than the degree I got and got a degree from the experience of people. We often measure people by their appearance. We are deceived by people who wear masks. My only advice is not to rush into marriage no matter how much you love. Because it takes time to see the true nature of the man inside. Humans are more vicious and dangerous on the inside than they are on the outside.

Do you have an idea to take a new step in life through business and start a new love story?
There is no hope of marriage. I am not in a hurry about that. In my first marriage, I was in a hurry. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Did you start a business because you could not make a living from art?
No. I started the business during the Kovid period. At that time there was no opportunity to get involved in arts. I never did art as a profession. It was because of my passion and love for it that I got involved in the arts.

Didn't you get an invitation to the play?
There were constant invitations to films. But I delayed that work a bit. You will see me in the works of art in the future.

What are the future prospects?
My closest dream is to go to a business and expand my business. Gaining a million customers in as little as a year is not an easy task. In the early days of the business, I was involved in everything from design to dressmaking. By now my business has even given me the opportunity to give jobs to certain people. My only hope is to expand it further.

Excerpt from 'Mawbima' newspaper ..

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