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Johani's sad story about her heroic father who fought with the Tigers

We 've talked a lot about Johani so far. That is why we know so much about Johnny. But we have much more to learn about this country's precious youth. This is a bit of an old story. A story that Johani told a few months ago. But now the whole world knows who Johanni is. So we thought it would be good to hear this story again. This is actually Yohani's personal story. But many children of war heroes who fought to end the Thirty Years War must have experienced this. This Johani was right a few months ago. V. An interview with the YouTube channel.

What do mom and dad say about their daughter becoming a singer after learning so much?

Now they are very proud. Watching my videos. Daddy's ringtone is also one of my songs now. In the past, they could not understand why I was making music. We have a room in our house. It's not in my room. They gave it to make it a studio.

Is there a true story in the song 'Ravvath Dasin'?
Yes. A true story.

Who are you talking about in that song?
About my father.

Shall we talk about the song about Dad?
Dad doesn't talk much. Dad is a great war hero. Father General Prasanna de Silva. We have been taught a lot of things.

Why did you write that song? What is the story of the song?
The story of the song is really what happened when I was a kid. That is what I faced as the daughter of a war hero. That is my life story. This was written by Chamindu. I told him the whole idea. In it I have said in one place that we have suffered humiliation and mother humiliation. That makes a lot of sense. Daddy does not come to the teachers' meeting when we go to school. Because Daddy is not in Colombo. So a lot of people started telling mom that there was no husband. I do not know. That's weird. In those days, my sister and I did not really understand this. Our children sometimes say the same thing. So we didn't care too much about it.
Elsewhere in that song I say: “There was no childhood. There was silence. A tune that measures from country to country. We haven't eaten together in a long time. ” Dad used to go to different countries at that time. After that we had very little time to spend with Dad. Also, when we go to school, our places change and our friends change. We did not have to build relationships because we were not in one place. At the same time, the school sometimes tells us not to come to school. During the war we used to say at school that it would be a threat to others. There were similar ones.

The children of every war hero like you must have had those problems. How did you deal with them?
We did not understand much about them. Dad was not with us during the war. We had in mind what we would do if something unexpected happened. That said, we didn't feel like we were told not to come to school. When I was told not to come to school, we did not go because we were not coming. There were plenty of such times. Remember my sister's cute smile. I still remember your scent. She cries every day, Mom. Where is Dad? ” That.

You've heard countless questions about your dad's life, haven't you?
Children who were fathers in the military were often seen by their fathers in T.C. V. Only one. They do not call for security reasons. Sometimes we see that Dad still has no problem, no life threat. V. Only one. There were occasions like that. Our sister always said that Vavuniya is bullet proof. We used to laugh when we said that. Those things are only now being understood. This is what happened. Our dad was shot once.
At that time, when my father was returning from vacation, my sister asked me if I could go to Vavuniya where there was no bullets.

As the daughter of a war hero, how happy were you when the war ended?
When I heard that from the news, I didn't feel like the war was over until Dad came home.

What did Dad say after the war?
We never talked about civil war like that. It has been like that since childhood. Dad was coming home for a short time, so we never talked about it. We talked about them separately.

How does Yohani become a singer?
That's a long story. Let's start in 2015. Even in those days I played the guitar and sang. I was a part time cameraman at the time. We had cameras, so we talked about making a video. We did not know how to produce an audio. We went to a place in Piliyandala and did that. It's an English cover. Then we had a friend's foster home. That's where the video was made. That was my first video.
Then I went to Australia. There I learned a lot on my own. When I finished my education there, I had to make two decisions. One I had the opportunity to settle there permanently.
Or there was an opportunity to come to Sri Lanka. My parents told me to stay there. But in my decision I traveled for six months.
I finally decided to leave everything and stay here. That's it.
Then I got involved with music. At that time when I played for five hours I got only Rs.5000. This is the journey that came that way.

What is your response?
Looks like a mess!
OK laugh!
Very sad!

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