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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Singer Shihan Mihiranga evokes memories of his school days

Shihan Mihiranga is a singer who has won the love of many as a singer. Shihan is the owner of many beloved songs that have captivated the youth with their unique styles.


"Today I am alone", "Sweet", "In your memory" He is also the judge of 'Hiru Star' Season 3, the only and the first singing reality show in Sri Lanka these days.

So, on the 23rd, Shihan's beloved wife's birthday was celebrated.


See below the note posted by veteran photographer Dayan Vitharana in the face book.


She is the dream princess of Mihiravi

Geshni Clementa's Sweetest Birthday To Sister ගී

Popular singer Shihan Mihiranga's beloved wife Geshni Clementa Silva celebrates her birthday today (23).

Educated at De Masand College, Kandana, Geshni and Shihan got married on January 2012, 25, overcoming school love, and were photographed at their wedding. Gesney Clementa, a loving mother of three, Klein Mash, Kenan Yash and Keon Akish, is a housewife, caring for her children and husband.

I have known Geshni as the daughter of Nihal Nanayakkara, the beloved father of Shanila, whom I love very much, even before she married Shihan. Shanila, a special child, is also an avid fan of my songs and it is a must for me to attend her birthday party every year.

Geshni is also instrumental in organizing Shanila's birthday party. There I regularly meet Geshni and her family annually, and her two sons, Klein and Kenan, also join me in singing. Those kids are also very heartfelt with me and I feel as much affection for them as my children.

Geshni's father, Upali Silva, a teacher at Masanad College, and her mother, Ramani Silva, a former teacher, have now passed away. Geshni's older brother, Shawantha, is also married and has one son, Dyshan.

I wish Geshni, Niduk, good health and good luck living happily with her husband and children from the Triple Gem Sarana !!!

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