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Sunday, June 20, 2021

The ship that caught fire is now ours .. We will take the compensation .. We will pay the companies that came to help

As the ownership of the ship that caught fire in front of the Colombo Port is currently in the possession of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, no party can claim ownership of it, said Parliamentarian SB Dissanayake. Dissanayake states.

He said that the environmental and material damage caused by the burning of the ship was still being assessed and that no country other than Sri Lanka would be allowed to receive compensation for the damage caused by the burning of the ship.

He said that government agencies, including the Navy and the Ports Authority, were already working on the ship and that all further action would be taken by the government.

He said that at no time would any other group be allowed to receive compensation for the damage caused by the ship, adding that Sri Lanka would pay some compensation to the countries and companies that assisted in the rescue operation.

He made these comments at a media briefing held at the Sri Lanka People's Front Headquarters.

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OK laugh!
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Very sad!
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