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Sunday, June 20, 2021

President announces advance notice of another attack

"This is where we need to go for the next generation. Although this is difficult, we need to listen to the complaints and tell the people this. This is not my sudden decision. This is clearly stated in our vision of prosperity. It was clearly stated in the budget that we were going here. I have made a decision on this. This is good not only for the country but also for the world. I don't want anything bad. This is a good thing. Even if you are beaten and chased away, you should be beaten and do the right thing. ”

The President expressed these views at a discussion held with the Chairmen of the District Development Committees at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (07).

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said that despite the challenges posed by the use of organic fertilizer, the people's representatives should move forward for the welfare of the people.

The President also pointed out that the "Right to Prosperity" policy statement affirmed the people's right to a non-toxic diet to produce a healthy and productive citizen.

The President emphasized that the government has taken a firm stand in using agriculture to use organic fertilizer and that this program should be active for the benefit of future generations, despite criticism from some quarters.

The President further stated that despite attempts to create a shortage, sufficient fertilizer has been imported until the next season and therefore all cultivation activities can be carried out without any hindrance.

The President said that the decision to focus on organic farming was not taken by the government in a hasty manner and that the government's position on this was stated in the 'Vision for Prosperity' policy statement as well as in the last budget.

However, President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa points out that the failure to educate farmers about organic fertilizer has led to undue fear.

The President said that Sri Lanka has great potential for organic fertilizer agriculture and it is the policy of the government to provide maximum relief to the farmers to manage the difficult situations they face during the transition period.

Due to the inclination of the farmer to use chemical fertilizers for several decades, a large number of people are different
The President pointed out that non-communicable diseases have been faced and it is the responsibility of all citizens to save future generations from that situation.

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