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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Achini dreaming of decorating the air

Newcomer Achini is still studying modeling. She loves acting as well as acting and hopes to become an air hostess by profession. She is also preparing to go a long way through the show.

What about you?
My name is Achini Hansamali. I live in Athurugiriya. I'm been in the acting business for a while now. Currently I am learning about Ramp Modlin.

How to come to the show?
It's been about six months since I started studying and working on Modlin. I have done a photoshoot before. I had a dream to come to the show. I've been watching fashion shows since I was a kid. Looking at photoshoots of models. With those things I have a liking for representation. A lot of people with my height say I'm good at modeling.

What designs have contributed so far?
Currently I have only done photoshoots. Invited to a music video. I hope to be involved in advertising in the future as well.

What do you think about the field of representation?
I learned a lot in a short time. Many people think that being a model is easy. Not really. There is so much to learn in this field. And life has a lot to gain. During this time I learned how to work on time and how to work with a team.

No idea to join the theater?
I have a passion for acting. I don't know anything about acting. Invitations have also been received for acting.

Do you ever hope to attend a pageant?
Hope to attend a pageant. But not right now. You come there after studying well. Now there are a lot of pageants in Sri Lanka. You just have to choose the right one and get involved.

How is the support from home?
Here it is. At first there was not much interest. When I did the first photoshoot, there was not much interest from home. Then I talked to the family and showed them my photoshoot and they told me how I work and they liked it. Now there is a lot of support.

Will the show continue in the future?
I have no intention of portraying it as a profession. My goal is to become a professional flight attendant. You have to learn that too.

As for those who helped?
The first thing to remember is my mom and dad. Because the support they give me now is very strong. It also reminds me of my uncle. My friends, I lovingly remind everyone who helps me with a word.

Kelum Devinda - Saravita

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