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Thursday, October 21, 2021

5 more arrested for murder

Police have arrested five more Army personnel attached to the Modara camp of the Army Gemunu Watch in connection with the murder of Thotalaga Aruna Elle group leader Akila Sampath.

According to the police, the victim's wife and 10 Army personnel have been taken into custody in connection with the incident.

An unidentified body had been dumped on Modara Crow Island on August 20. The wife of the slain sportsman, Mattakkuliya - Summit Pura Grama Niladhari had also complained to the police that her husband had gone missing at that time.

It was later revealed that the body was that of the woman's husband, Akila Sampath, the captain of the Thotalaga - Aruna Elle sports team.

Accordingly, the Colombo North Divisional Crime Investigation Unit and the Colombo North Police Special Bureau launched an investigation into the incident.

It was later revealed that the wife of the deceased Elle player had an illicit affair with another corporal, an intelligence officer attached to the Gemunu Watch Modara camp.

Accordingly, the woman was first arrested and she had confessed that her husband had been killed by a group of military personnel including the relevant intelligence officer.

The body of the deceased Elle player who was abducted by an Army vehicle on August 16 has been tied to a bag full of black stones and dumped into the Kelani River by the Army personnel from the Peliyagoda - Black Bridge.

The Army intelligence officer who had an affair with the woman before the murder had informed the commanding officer of the army camp where he was working that a drug dealer was preparing to kill a group of army officers.

Accordingly, it was revealed during the interrogation that the commanding officer of the camp had also aided and abetted his assassination. However, a senior official of the Colombo North Divisional Crime Investigation Unit said that investigations are underway to arrest more Army personnel in connection with the incident.

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