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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"Why did China's manure smelly manure rulers?": A revelation from Dr. Ajantha Perera

Dr. Ajantha Perera says that due to the agreements signed with China, organic fertilizer has to be imported from Sri Lanka again and that the Sri Lankan authorities 'smell even the manure made from Chinese excrement'.

She said that the country has all the resources and facilities required to produce organic fertilizer in Sri Lanka and instead tells the local farmers to import fertilizer containing harmful bacteria from China and cultivate using that fertilizer.

She said she was called the "Queen of Garbage" because of her knowledge of organic fertilizer, and that although she often expressed her desire to be educated on how to produce organic fertilizer, the government did not accept it.

The statement made by the doctor in this regard at a press conference is as follows.

"I have said many times that if the cabinet, including the President, wants to make fertilizer, I will let them know. I'm not just called the Garbage Queen. The Queen of Garbage means, I know the places where rubbish has been piled up and destroyed in this country. Organic matter in our country has accumulated on a large scale. These can be used to make compost. We have the necessary knowledge. There is equipment. There are institutions that look into their properties.

These Chinese-made ones are imported because of these agreements. As far as the agreements made with China are concerned, even the fertilizers made using Chinese excrement today smell good to our rulers. This is the problem. If fertilizers were made from Sri Lankan excrement, they would not smell. They have no bacteria. But the manure made from Chinese human excrement smells like 225 in our meltdown. This is the problem. Where do we end this? Due to this he brought the fertilizer which is harmful to the soil and tells the farmers to use it. Organic Fertilizer Lu. The vegetables made from this are good. The fruit is also good. So, from morning till evening, those 225 have to live by eating all those vegetables and all those fruits. ”

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