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Friday, December 3, 2021

President's request to the people of the entire country

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa urges the people of the entire country to support the right move, without making excuses and without corruption under one law and one country.

He points out that despite the economic downturn caused by the Kovid epidemic, a great deal of work has been done for the people during that period.

The President pointed out that the world's armies are committed not only to war but also to nation building and that the three Armed Forces of Sri Lanka have joined the Kovid regime in assisting the health sector in quarantine and vaccination.

The President thanked all those who sacrificed their lives for the 72nd Anniversary of the Sri Lanka Army at the Gajaba Regiment Headquarters, Saliyapura, Anuradhapura.

The 72nd anniversary of the Sri Lanka Army falls today (10).

The Sri Lanka Army was established under the Army Act No. 1949 of 17.

The Sri Lanka Army consists of 25 Infantry, Support and Service Regiments which have played a significant role in the security of the country.

The President who arrived at the Army Commemoration Ceremony organized under the Health Guidance opened the newly constructed drill ground at the Saliyapura Gajaba Regiment Camp and handed over to the war heroes.

He then joined in observing the ceremonial procession.

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa emphasized that he had given priority to national security during the past two years by uplifting the morale of the Armed Forces and the intelligence services, and was committed to protecting the country from recurrence of terrorism or religious extremist activities.

He also stated that steps will be taken to amend the constitution and introduce a new electoral system as promised to the people.

The President stated that corruption and fraud will not be tolerated and that all officials should work for the benefit of the people.

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