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I do not want a girl who loves popularity and money. ”- Menike is the original owner of the song My Heart

Every time Menike reminds me of the song in my mind, not only Yohani's name but also the name of the original singer of that song comes to mind. He is Satheeshan Ratnayake. He let the song be sung by Yohani's voice without greed so that she too had the opportunity to touch the world. Satheeshan was a man who was tired of economic problems while composing the song 'Menike Mage Hithe'. Also a loser in first love. We added him to our conversation to talk about how he became a singer with Virha. This is about that conversation.

How is Satheeshan?

Well no offense

Are you busy these days?

I do a job. Of the Electricity Board. I did a new song in addition to the work on the job. Manike called Omari in two ways in my mind song. I intend to do the Tamil song in that song as well. Busy with most of the new song. I hope to release that song.

Satheeshan Tell the truth, Yohani has now captured the whole world. Haven't you ever felt jealous of her?

To be honest, I haven't thought of anything yet. The reason is that I am the urap of that song. Because I have a contribution to that song. When I was creating that song, I wanted that song to sound like crazy everywhere. That hope has been fulfilled because of John. So there’s amazing fun. I did not feel sad or jealous. Everyone is asking if there is any jealousy about Johani because that song went international. Not really.

Before the cover, the original song had 13 million views. That song was the first of my songs to become popular.

Weren't you invited to go to India with Yohani?

No. But because of Yohani, I have been invited to several international concerts in the future. Hope to join them. I haven't talked much about my song before. It was only after Yohani sang that song that it became a hit. He was the one who made a big difference to that song.

Isn't it a lie to say that you didn't think you were there when Yohani sang your song and captured the whole world?

I'm so excited about Johanni. Since he went to the international arena, I have a feeling that even the best in our country can go after that. As a country, Yohani's leap is a successful exercise. Many say it was a song by someone else that caught the international eye. But I say it was because of him. But he did not call me and ask me to cover my song. It was Chamath Aiya who did my song and called Yohani and asked her to cover this song. We let Yohani do a cover because we wanted to get a separate color for this song. He liked it too.

I was the one who suggested making the video and posting it on his YouTube channel. Because at that time I did not have a YouTube channel.

Johanni and I first met on the day the video was shot. Talking. The friendship that was formed then is still there. He doesn't stop talking to me now that he knows the world. He is so humble. And because of him I have had many opportunities. So I don’t think of anything else.

Do you have an agreement to share the money that Yohani receives with you?

He just came to Sri Lanka. I do not know what to do. However, I do not expect money. Because I do a job in the Electricity Board. I get paid. I can find my income.

There are more responses now than before ..?

After he sang the song, many people started to find out who the original owner of this song was. At the same time, I started getting more and more responses. If there were 100 responses in the past, now there are 1000 responses. There are so many responses.

How can you be a singer, didn't your parents dislike it?

I came into music when I was 16 years old. The keyboard rang. I wanted to find some and make a song. Economic problems made it difficult for me to sing. My father often scolded me at that time and told me to stop singing and get a job. I come to Colombo from home like an orphan. Without cash on hand. Even after coming to Colombo, there were days when I did not even have the money to take the bus.

Worked as a timekeeper at first. Then I did a good job in a big company. Only then does he come to the CEB.

My mother secretly gave my father money to do whatever he wanted. I spent every penny I earned on singing. So Dad initially disliked becoming a singer. Now my mom and dad and my brother are helping me. They are happy about me. In fact, Manike created the song in my heart with a loan. That song was my most popular.

What if you want to choose Yohani as your girlfriend?

I do not think so. He's just a good friend. He's my fit .I do not think so.

Is losing love a reason to be a singer?

Yes, that is one reason. If I had the girl I first fell in love with today I probably wouldn’t be a singer. So today I am not in this place. He said he hated listening to my songs. That's why my songs are so ugly you can't hear them. I came to Colombo from Kegalle with the loss of love.

Didn't the first love find you again after you talked to each other, didn't you talk ..?

Talked several times. I did not answer the phone. Because he wasn't with me when I wanted to, and it was useless to talk after he became popular. And if he comes back I will not accept. I am looking for someone who loves me and not a girl who loves my popularity or money. I have had a girlfriend since then. For some reason I talked and left. Someday I will marry a girl who does not know the singer Satheeshan. It is not good to love someone you know. That's not love. I realized that because of the girlfriend I met after that.



Harshani Weeraratne

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