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Monday, December 6, 2021

There is enough democracy in the country today to call the President crazy

Chief Opposition Whip Johnston Fernando has said that the opposition's allegations that there is no democracy in the country are completely false.

He said this while participating in the budget debate in Parliament.

"There is no democracy today. I would like to remind you that there is so much democracy in this country today that he has created so much democracy that he can say he is crazy. We do not worry about them. We'm not going to worry about them, even if they say they're crazy.

Then there is the big question about his name. It was only after a year and a half that many people came to know his name as Nandasena. His name is also an issue. To some, when he came to swear in very simply, Parliament saw it as his fault that he had cut the white line. On the second day of a big news conference it was said that the President had crossed the white line.

So even if the President is simple, it is a problem. Even if he was just wearing a shirt, or if he had not been shot, if he had not sworn in with majesty, if he had not spoken, that too would have been a problem and some people would not have had the proper respect. ”

What is your response?
Looks like a mess!
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