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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Here is the video of the attack on the Senior DIG with the audio recording of the special attention received by the police.

The police is an institution that helps the public.
But does this police provide security and assistance to the public?
While noble police officers shine the name of this department, we hear and see from time to time about incidents where the name of the Police Department itself is tarnished due to co-officers.
Some officials forget that wearing a uniform is not a means to an end.
Also, if senior officers of the Police Department commit any offense, will the investigations be carried out properly?
Can people really have faith in this?
In many cases, people are being deceived into believing that the law is being enforced.
We wanted to talk about the police like this because of a video showing a senior DIG assaulting a youth.
When we inquired about this from the Police Media Spokesman's Office, they told us that an investigation is being carried out by the Police Headquarters.
We requested the Police Headquarters to contact Senior DIG Ranmal Kodithuwakku to find out about this incident but his phone number was not given on two occasions.
They gave him an office number and told him to contact him.
But then we asked for the telephone number of a senior DIG in charge of another province.
At that time they took action to provide it through the Police Headquarters 011 2421111 without any inquiry.
Why are they reluctant to give the number of Senior DIG Ranmal Kodithuwakku when they are trying to give the phone number of any senior police officer?
Such incidents show us the doubt as to whether the law is being enforced properly.
Or why stop giving even his phone number on someone's notice?
As a responsible media institution, we tried to contact him to find out the truth or not.
But even ordinary people have doubts as to whether the police are protecting them.

Below is how we contacted the Police Headquarters number to contact him and the response we received when we tried to contact another senior DIG

What is your response?
Looks like a mess!
OK laugh!
Very sad!

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