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Who deleted the data? Another revelation from the Minister of State

The Minister of State in charge of the subject Prof. Channa Jayasumana says that the data in the computer database of the National Drug Regulatory Authority has been deleted.

It was first revealed last July that 5623 files submitted by companies for the registration of drugs and medical devices in the digital database of the National Drug Regulatory Authority, which regulates the issuance of licenses for drugs, medical devices and pharmacies in the country, have been deleted.

The Minister of State further commented,

"The faded section contains the file that each company submitted regarding the registration of new drugs about a year before it was erased."

Question - Can it be deleted by mistake?

“My personal opinion was that this was not a mistake. Because at first glance it seems that such a large database cannot be deleted at once. Some process was followed for that. Current investigations have revealed that this was a deliberate act. Also, the Attorney General's Department has informed that the drug mafia can be behind this. ”

Q: The government is facing strong allegations from the opposition that the deletion of data was done to protect the government's cronies. 

“The loudest sadhu in the temple is the one who sins the most. We have lodged a complaint with the CID regarding drug frauds that took place during the period 2018-2019. An internal audit has revealed that several drugs worth close to a billion rupees have been swindled, especially those related to cancer. At the same time the Presidential Commission appointed by then President Maithripala Sirisena has revealed that a fraud of Rs. 850 million has been committed for only one drug. The file contained some data related to those drugs. And nothing else. At a time when an investigation is underway into several drugs that have lost billions of rupees. This data was deleted. ”

Q. What is your position on the company in charge of the system?

“That company was selected through a tender process during the last government. We have heard that in some cases the case store is on fire. Something like that has happened. That fact must be taken into account. "

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