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A different story comes out about the mysterious body of Buddhima found in a village in Dambulla.

International Girls' Day was observed on the 11th. Two days earlier, on the morning of the 9th, the body of a 14-year-old girl, Buddhima Piyamali, who had been missing for three days, was found in the Athuparayaya village in Dambulla. The body of Buddhima Piyamali was found by the Dambulla Police at a deserted house on Kalogaha Ela on Dambulla Kandalama Road, about 6 km from the girl's house.

The girl had taken off her clothes and wrapped the body in several pieces of cloth.

After the Dambulla Police reported the matter to the Dambulla Magistrate's Court, the Acting Magistrate M. that. Amanullah conducted a site inspection.

The postmortem examination of the body of a minor girl was held at the Dambulla District General Hospital on the 12th. The forensic pathologist had concluded that the girl had died as a result of a violent act.

It was not immediately clear how the girl was killed. Steps were also taken to send the girl's body parts to the Government Analyst's Department for further examination.

Buddhima Piyamali was born on June 2008, 06 as the youngest of five siblings. Her mother is Chandra Jayasekara. The father is Chandraratne Bandara. Both are innocent villagers who make a living from hired labor.

Kandalama d. The. Buddhima, a Grade 9 student of Senanayake College, is a well educated girl.

She also assisted in the education of the neighboring children by teaching them known lessons. Buddhima's second sister Renuka Kumari is a 26-year-old married woman. Buddhima was also very supportive of her 9-year-old son in his education.

Renuka was also educated at Kandalama D. The. From Senanayake College. Gayathri, who studied with Renuka from grade 1 to Year 5 at the same school, is an old friend of Renuka. Gayathri passed a Year 5 scholarship and entered a school in Dambulla.

Renuka and Gayathri's old friendship was renewed after they met recently. But Renuka did not know much about Gayathri's past. It was only after the death of her sister that Gayathri came to know that she had been abused and became pregnant during her school days. Gayathri's parents have also said that she has been removed from the family for some time.

When I met Renuka recently, Gayathri had an 2 year old child studying in Grade 8. She lived with a 36-year-old man named Pahan. The two had met about four years ago while working in a spice factory in Dambulla.

Pahan is said to be from Kuliyapitiya area. Gayathri, Pahan and had another marriage before living. Gayathri's 8-year-old child is a child of that marriage. Pahan, who did not have a good job, recently went to work at a construction site in a coconut estate in Habarattawala in the Galkiriyagama Police Division.

Renuka's husband also worked at the place. With the meeting of the two, Renuka and Gayathri's old friendship was renewed. At that time Gayathri and Pahan were living in a rented house in Kalogahaela. Buddhima's body was found in that house. When several thefts took place at the construction site of the Habarattawela building where the lamp was working, the owner had told the employees to come and settle at that place if possible.

It was presented with lamps. Accordingly, Pahan, Gayathri and the child had set up a tin shed and had moved to that place in Habaratta, about 12 km away from Kalogaha Ela, about two months ago.

However, they had told the neighbors of the Kalogahaela house that they were leaving the house as they could not pay the monthly payment of Rs. XNUMX. But in the house where Buddhima's body was found, all the furniture of the lamps and Gayathri were found.

However, after Gayathri moved to Habaratta, Renuka and her sister Buddhima had gone to the house on September 23, the birthday of Renuka's child, and had enjoyed swimming in a stream in the area. The group has been there two or three times in the past. Meanwhile, Pahan had come to Kalogaha Ela in a three-wheeler and had taken Buddhima to Habaratta.

Buddhima had visited Gayathri's house in Habaratta two or three times to teach lessons to her children as she also taught lessons to the children around her. Pahandha sometimes came on a motorbike to take Buddhima.

The date is October 2021, 06. At around 7.30 am that day, Pahanya came to the Athuparayaya house where Buddhima was staying on a motorbike. With the 8-year-old Gayathri's child. Pahan said,

"The child has to listen to some homework ආවේ Buddhima came to take her sister…" He said.

Buddhima has said,

"Oh brother, I have an online class at three in the afternoon." He said. "Okay sister ම් I'll bring you when I'm three" Pahan has said. Meanwhile, Buddhima's father Chandraratne, who was at home, also told him not to go to Buddhima. She said, "No." Dad had got on Buddhima Pahan's motorbike saying 'I will come and teach that sister'.

Buddhima's mother Chandra, who came home in the evening after going for a daily job, was looking for the child. Buddhima's phone rang but it was disconnected. Both Pahan's and Gayathri's phones were disconnected.

The next day, on the morning of the 7th, Buddhima's sister Renuka and the group went to the shed at Polwatta in Habaratta where the lights were on, but no one was there. Some of the furniture had also been cleaned.

Buddhima's parents, who were searching for the girl on the 8th and XNUMXth, went to the Dambulla Police on the evening of the XNUMXth to lodge a complaint regarding her disappearance. It is unfortunate that Buddhima's parents are ignorant enough to go to the police so many days after the disappearance of their child.

Upon receiving the complaint, Dambulla Acting OIC Chief Inspector H. M. Sunil Karunatilake commenced investigations on the instructions of senior police officers in charge of the area. When the police investigations began, a call received on the morning of the 9th to the 119 police emergency number stated that there was a stench coming from an abandoned house in Kalogahaela. Police immediately went to the house and searched it. Police also identified the house as Pahan and Gayathri's house a few months ago. Police officers who searched the house found the body of Buddhima, who had been missing for three days, lying naked on a bed.

But Buddhima could not find out what happened to that house. A woman in a house near that house said,

"At about 8.30 that morning I went to the well, washed my face and came to the house." The man came to the door and said, "Mother, give me some water." After that I have to give money to the brother who owns the house.

Subsequently, on the instructions of SSP Anuruddha Bandaranaike in charge of Matale Division, ASP A. S.K. In addition to the Dambulla Police Investigation Team under the supervision of Bandara, two other teams led by Chief Inspector Sugath Bandara, OIC of the Matale Divisional Crime Investigation Division, also launched an investigation into the killers of the girl.

It was revealed that Pahan and Gayathri had fled their house in Habaratta at around 6 pm on the XNUMXth. An investigator told us that further investigation into the phone data, as well as further investigations, could lead to the immediate arrest of the killers and whether more people were involved. At present, a lot of information is being revealed through the analysis of those telephone data of the people including Buddhima and Pahan.

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Photo by Dambulla, Kanchana Kumara Ariyadasa
Note - Amila Malawisuriya
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