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Sunday, August 1, 2021

An orphanage for 65 children - Kovid for 12 children

The Baddegama Medical Officer of Health says that 12 children and three employees of an orphanage in the Halpathota area in Baddegama have contracted corona.

An employee of this orphanage in the Akuressa area has recently contracted a corona infection.

Accordingly, it is reported that two employees and nineteen children who were closely associated with the employee have been subjected to investigations for the past 12 days.

These test reports were received yesterday (15)

It is reported that twelve probationary children and two employees have been diagnosed with corona.

At present the two children and the staff who were infected with the corona have been referred to the Arachchikanda Treatment Center.

The orphanage has sixty five probationary children and fifteen employees. C. Other children and employees who were not referred for R tests were p. C. Health officials further state that R is to be referred for tests

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