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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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A mother in Pakistan has given birth to 7 children and 6 have died

It is reported that a mother in Pakistan also gave birth to 6 children at the same time. But Pakistan's first Express Tribune reports that six of the seven children the mother gave birth to have died.

The seven children were born on October 7 after undergoing surgery at Jinnah Abbottabad International Hospital (JIHA).

The first report stated that four boys, three girls and their mother were in good health.

Photos of the newborns were shared online, and Ruksana, 34, and her husband, Yar Mohamed, were the parents of two daughters before the seven babies were born. According to the local media, they have 07 children.

The mother, who gave birth to seven children, was brought to Jinnah International Hospital to give birth at 36 weeks instead of 32 weeks by a complicated operation.

However, five of the seven newborns died in the early days and the Pakistani government intervened and the other two babies were transferred to another hospital with more facilities, but another baby died there.

Dr. Ijaz Hisin, in charge of the hospital's pediatric ward, said the sixth child died on Tuesday due to complications related to premature birth. The seventh child is currently receiving treatment.

"Because the mother was using a contraceptive method, most of the embryos matured and became pregnant at the same time. It is a very complicated procedure, ”Hina Fiaz, a gynecologist at JIHA, who performed the complex surgery, told the Pakistani media.

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