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Superb gift from a phone call

Two and a half crore rupees and a BMW. Ruwanwella Police are conducting investigations into a man who allegedly tried to extort Rs. XNUMX by claiming that he had won a car.

A youth in the Deraniyagala area received a telephone call last Friday (10). The callers have stated that they have won a lottery organized by a foreign private company. The name, address, telephone number, account number and e-mail address have been obtained stating that information is required to pay the prize money. A moment later, a message was sent to the e-mail saying that a lottery organized by a private company in England had been won and that for more information, please open the file included here. When the file was opened, it stated that under the information of this young man, a sum of Rs. XNUMX million and a BMW were found. That a car has won. The car has been sent to the port and an account number should be given to release the car from the port and a sum of Rs. XNUMX should be credited to it.

The youth who believed in the information had gone to a private bank branch in Ruwanwella and deposited the money. Once the money is banked, the SMS will be sent. A message has been issued stating that another Rs. XNUMX should be deposited in the bank on the same day for income tax.

He had informed his friend about this on suspicion. The friend immediately called the relevant bank and inquired about the amount deposited. Withdrawals have been blocked as the money was already in the account. Only then did the young man realize that he had been caught in a knot. He has lodged a complaint with the Ruwanwella Police. Ruwanwella Police are conducting further investigations.

Many such incidents have been reported from Bulathkohupitiya, Yatiyantota and Ruwanwella police areas in the past. In the same way, men have gone to houses where there are no men during the day and have been robbed of gold jewelery by making various statements. In addition, money has been swindled by sending messages to the homes of deceased government employees asking them to approve Agrahara insurance.

Steps should be taken to make such fraudsters aware and bring them to justice

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