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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Samim's son jumped into the water to save his sister. Both drowned

“When we were on our way home via Nuwara Eliya to Colombo, my brother-in-law Niyas Aiya, who had died, told us to go to Ellawala Falls and take a bath. Accordingly, we went to the falls near the falls. Fatima's daughter and Samim's son went to bathe in the waterfall while my sister, me and two small children were near the waterfall. Then Fatima's daughter drowned. Samim's son jumped into the water to save his sister. Both drowned. Brother Niyas also jumped into the water to save both of them ” Mohamed Naseem (21), a relative of the father, son and daughter of the same family who drowned in Wellawaya Ellawala Falls, said. (3), Mohammad Niyas Fatima Sameem (42) had drowned.

Commenting further on the incident, Mohammad Naseem said,

"My sister Fatima Rizna is married to Mohamed Niyas. My brother-in-law is in business. He has a son and three daughters. The deceased Mohammad Samim is a ninth year student of Kantankudi Hiluria Muslim College and the deceased Fathima Samim is a sixth year student of the same school. My sister's six-year-old daughter, Fatima Seema (PaThiMa SeeMa), had a heart condition. We went to a private hospital in Colombo to show her the baby to a doctor. Later we went to Nuwara Eliya and from there to Kanthankudi village. My sister-in-law (brother-in-law) who went with us on the way told us to go to Wellawaya Falls and take a shower. So we went to the waterfall. The van was parked in the parking lot and the driver was there. My sister, my brother-in-law, and I and our four children went to the falls. My brother-in-law, eldest son and eldest daughter went down to the falls. My sister, me and my two little girls were near the waterfall. I saw the dead daughter Fatima drowning. At that moment Samim's son jumped into the water to save his sister. My brother-in-law jumped into the water to save his daughter and son. All three drowned and disappeared. We shouted. Neighbors came and picked up my brother-in-law, son and daughter who were drowning. All three were already dead. The bodies of the three were later taken to the Moneragala Hospital.

The autopsy and postmortem examination of the three victims was scheduled to be held at the Moneragala District General Hospital yesterday (21st).

Wellawaya Police are conducting investigations.

Bibila - Nadun Gunathilake
Full excerpt from "Mawbima" newspaper

A father, son and little daughter who came on a picnic that shook Wellawaya are passing away.

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