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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Here are the latest car prices! A car for 12 million

Indika Sampath Merenchi, President of the Vehicle Importers' Association, said that with the temporary ban on the importation of vehicles, prices are increasing day by day, but despite the increase in prices, the demand of the people has increased.

The price of a small car has increased by Rs. 10 lakhs and the price of a big jeep has gone up by Rs. 70 million to Rs. 100 lakhs, said Mr. Indika Sampath.

Responding to a question on whether the government has proposed a program to make it possible for the public to purchase a vehicle at a lower cost, Mr. Indika Sampath said that a Japanese car of the Toyota Vitz that has been used for 5 years can be purchased for Rs. 5. 1000.

When importing an Aqua car that has been used for 5 years, a law could be brought to ensure that the battery is in good condition and accordingly such cars can be brought to Sri Lanka for an average of between Rs. 7 and Rs. He also said that a car could be given for a small amount after deducting it.

Accordingly, vehicles can be imported for a very small amount of money and the government is not listening to them, he said, adding that the price of a Japanese Alto and Wagon R car which was between Rs. 22 lakhs and Rs.

He said that in the future, an electric car could be imported to Sri Lanka as a budget vehicle at a lower cost and a nano car could be brought in at a price of Rs. 12 million or Rs. 15 million.

A new option

He said that there are new options and it should be given a chance and there is no opportunity to buy a small car at a reasonable price.

However, more than a year has passed since the government imposed a ban on vehicle imports in the wake of the Kovid 19 epidemic.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday (24) decided to suspend the import of a limited number of vehicles considering the current situation in the country.

Ministers have pointed out to the Cabinet that the import of vehicles should be further restricted, focusing on the current situation in the country and the financial situation.

Accordingly, steps have been taken to suspend the previous proposal to import a limited number of vehicles as per the decision of the Cabinet.

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