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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Two month old little thoughts that died in bed

Pallama Police say that an infant who was sleeping in a house in the Mundalama Devala Junction area has died after being bitten by a bat.

The deceased has been identified as Mirisa Sithum Dilum Sachithanjara, 2 months and 20 days old, a resident of Devala Junction, Mundalama, Angunawila.

The dead baby was sleeping in the same bed with his mother and two older sisters. The mother wakes up in the morning and examines the baby due to her baby's silence. There, an animal was seen exploiting the child's left hand from the big toe to the shoulder and all over the outside. The parents rushed the baby to the Mundalama Hospital as the baby's body was cold.

The doctors who examined the baby there have told the parents that the baby has died.

Later, the baby's father came to the house and inspected the bed where the baby was sleeping and found a large bed.

Police said that although the two older sisters were sleeping in the bed on either side of the dead baby, it was revealed that neither of the two older sisters had been bitten by the bat.

The postmortem examination of the dead baby was carried out by the Judicial Medical Officer of the Chilaw Hospital, Mr. Wickramarachchi.

Pallama Police OIC Pannaradhana is conducting further investigations on the instructions of Inspector Gamini Siriwardena.

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