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Sunday, October 24, 2021

The crown of the beauty queen of the Netherlands is saved in public ..

Delay Wilemstein, 21, who was crowned Miss World in the Netherlands, has reportedly decided to remove her crown from the Miss World pageant after refusing to accept her COVID - 19 dosage.

Dele, a model and dancer, recently announced that she is not yet ready for the Miss World pageant, despite organizers informing her that all beauty queens must take both doses of COVID-19 and undergo a complete upgrade. Has done.

“Personally, I am not yet ready to get the vaccine. I still don't feel good about the vaccine.

I'm going to get vaccinated in the future. ” She had said.

Accordingly, the Dutch authorities have taken steps to award her place to the second place winner of the Dutch beauty pageant, Lizzy Dobbe.

The Miss World pageant is set to take place in Puerto Rico next December.

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