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Thursday, December 2, 2021

How two policemen who went to get free 'luxury' failed

Four persons, including two Kahathuduwa police officers, have been arrested by the Thalangama Police for allegedly entering a 'spa' in the Thalawathugoda area and attempting to seduce women free of charge.

It is reported that the manager of the 'spa' had said that the girls could not be given for free and the officers had scolded him. The two officers attached to the Kahathuduwa Police along with two other civilians had arrived in the Rajagiriya area in a van on the night of the 24th for a personal matter.

 At that time the police officers were also dressed in civilian clothes. They then entered the spa in Kalalgoda with the intention of getting free massage from the women who work there. They say they are police officers and have asked the manager of the spa to give them a free massage. But the manager has rejected their request. But the plainclothes officers continued to ask for the massage for free, but the manager refused and a confrontation ensued. The officers who were present had scolded the manager and at the same time other employees and women of the 'spa' had also got involved in the dispute.

 The four officers including the two officers who got back into the van immediately fled the scene. Shortly afterwards, the four entered another spa in Thalawathugoda and asked the women for a massage. The officers had identified a young woman who was in the same institution. That was because she too had stayed at the spa in Kalalgoda a short while ago and had come to the spa in Thalawathugoda after a dispute with them there. After informing Kalalgoda Spa about this, a group including the manager who had been assaulted at the spa had come to the spa in Thalawathugoda and had a dispute again. At the same time, the gang of four had fled from there as well. However, a team from the 'Spa' company had chased after the van in which they had fled. The van had fled towards Kottawa via Thalawathugoda. 

However, the 'spa' group that followed had informed the Kottawa police about the incident and the Kottawa police had immediately informed the Thalangama police. Later, on the instructions of Thalangama OIC Chief Inspector Nalinda Dilruk, a team led by Sub Inspector Lakshitha arrived at the Kottawa Police Station, arrested the four suspects and took them to the Thalangama Police.

 The Talangama Police yesterday (25) produced the four suspects, including two police officers, in the Kaduwela Magistrate's Court after taking statements from the complainants. Later, Kaduwela Magistrate Manjula Ratnayake released one suspect on Rs. 10 million personal bail and all four on bail. Among the four arrested are two police officers attached to the Kahathuduwa police station, one of whom is a police constable. The other is said to be a police driver. The other two are businessmen, police said. The SP's office said that disciplinary action would be taken against the police officers

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