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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The tough decision to think about the environment

A new decision by the European Union has had a serious impact on Apple.

The decision was made to use the same type of mobile phone charger in the EU.

Accordingly, in the future, only USB Port C type chargers will be allowed to be used in Europe.

Apple uses Lightning Connectors as chargers for its mobile phones.

The EU hopes the new proposal will reduce the use of phone chargers and the resulting electronic waste.

The EU has been discussing the issue for 10 years and estimates that it will save $ 292 million while protecting the environment.

Apple Corps has said that the decision by the association will have a "big impact" on the company and that it will not be able to create new products.

In response, the European Union (EU) says that every time a formal methodology is developed, the company interferes with the methodology, saying it interferes with innovation.

However, EU members must agree to implement the resolution. If so, Apple will have a grace period to carry out its production activities in accordance with the new law.

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