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Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Passara bus accident resurfaces! The matter suddenly arose

Attorney-at-Law Janaka Tennakoon states that a party affected by the fatal bus accident on March 13, 2021 in the 20th pillar area on the Lunugala - Passara main road has filed a fundamental rights petition before the Supreme Court against the Road Development Authority.

The UP ND 6448 bus traveling from Lunugala to Colombo fell into a precipice in the Passara 13th pillar area killing 14 people and injuring more than 35 others.

The children of Anthony Swaminoda and Ms. Benedict Madonna, residents of Kanthi House, Lunugala, who died in the accident, have filed a fundamental rights petition in the Supreme Court, claiming that their father and mother were killed in the fatal car accident.

Attorney-at-Law Tennakoon states that the argument of the three minors is that the cause of death of their mother and father was the failure of the Road Development Authority to perform its duties properly.

Despite knowing that a large rock had fallen on the highway at the scene of the accident, there was a high probability of an accident at that location, but the Road Development Authority did not take action to remove the rock from the highway and take proper safety measures. The petitioners have challenged the non-compliance before the Supreme Court.

Eugenia Noah (9), Eran Noah (8) and Evan Noah (4) are the three victims of the incident and Badulla Bar Association member Janaka Tennakoon has filed the case in the Supreme Court on behalf of the three minors.

(Jayalath Dissanayake - Badulla)

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