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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

How dogs went missing in a handcuff in the center of Panadura - The story of the Kilipola revealed by the couple who were caught by the police has come out for the first time

Most people in this country do not see dogs. It is no secret that people are cruel enough to bury the leftovers in the house without giving them to a dog who finds them to eat.

If we see a dog that is suffering from a disease, there are people who hate it and say, "A dirty dog ​​makes us sick too."“Killing Dogs Makes Money” There is an old saying. It's not about killing dogs and selling mascots, it's about doing any menial work if you get paid.

A couple suspected of making money by killing dogs was arrested by the Wadduwa Police recently following complaints received from animal organizations.

These organizations were receiving information that a beggar couple was pushing a handcart and walking around the country collecting puppies from the streets.

The organizations had also revealed that the pups that are put in the cart are given something to drink or eat and then they are taken away unconscious.

Although they tried to release the puppies several times, they retreated in the face of the woman's crackdown because the majority of these organizations were women.

They then seek the assistance of the police.

The members of the animal organization had informed the Wadduwa Police when they came to know that the cart was traveling towards Wadduwa along the Galle Road recently.

The OIC immediately dispatched a team to capture the dog.

Police were later able to apprehend the couple with the handgun.

Despite being a beggar, she behaved strangely in front of the police. She used harsh words, attacking the dogs in the cart, grabbing them and hitting the ground.

However, when the two were arrested and taken to the police station, it was revealed that she was a Sinhalese woman and the man was a Muslim.

However, the police stated that although information was received that the two were taking the dogs and selling them to foreigners, no such confirmation has been confirmed.

This woman is 36 years old. The man is 43 years old.

These two are a casual couple. The woman who was remanded after being produced before the court was directed to be examined for any mental illness.

They have an adult dog but it has not been found yet. Police are looking for the dog to be sent to an orphanage after being produced in court.

There is something to be understood from those court orders. Orphaning even that dog on the street is not legal.According to an article written by Thakshila Jayasekara for the Manchu newspaper.

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