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Indrajith passes away in a car

No matter how many cases have been reported of casualties ending in casualties, there is no shortage of people taking their own lives as a result of such casual relationships. This is the emotional story of a woman who had an affair with a married man after her husband left and eventually lost her life and went to jail.

She lived in Panadura. She entered into marriage like many other women in the world and enjoyed life without facing any change.

Her husband was working at a watch repair shop in Nugegoda at the time.
While in Panadura, she often visited her husband's workplace. She also had a teenage daughter at the time. The daughter was 16 years old at the time. Her married husband was moving away from her as she walked into life sharing life with her daughter.

So while her trembling heart was floating in vain, another heart was pounding into her life.
The married husband had by then moved to Embilipitiya, far away from her. In the meantime he managed to get close to her heart. He is Indrajith. On her way to Wijerama to meet her husband, she came to know Indrajith.

That identity was renewed when her husband left her. Undoubtedly, meeting Indrajith brought great comfort to her lonely heart. She has no objections now because her husband has also separated from her.

She was thinking of getting a divorce from her husband and seeking legal action for it. Unbeknownst to her, she was dreaming of getting a divorce from him and marrying Indrajith.

But Indrajith had created in front of her an image of an unmarried man. Although he was married, his wife was living abroad at the time. The Indrajiths did not have many children in their marriage.

Time passed very quickly. She got married to Indrajith and filed for divorce. But even then she had not gotten a divorce legally. On the other hand, the reason why the marriage was not valid was because Indrajith was also married at that time.

The two went under one roof, signing a piece of paper that was just a valid document.
The newlyweds moved into a house in Alubomulla and Indrajith too had considerable freedom now that his wife was abroad.

After repairing her broken marriage, she put on a band-aid and took steps back to life so that a country could win a state. Her poor mother and fatherless daughter lived under this roof, sharing their sorrows and joys. Indrajith once went abroad. When he returned to Sri Lanka, he spent time with her.

It was at such a moment that her second bird droppings, bound in warm healing, were caught in a great storm. That was when she found out he was married. She was furious, but he did not leave her. But she looked angrily at her new boyfriend, whom she had deported.

“I was deceived. The liar. ” She scolded him as tears welled up in her eyes. She was in such pain that any woman in the world would behave in a moment like this.

Like many women, she was involved in a love affair. But she did not want to leave the bond of love. How wonderful is love. When she remembered that she loved him with all her heart, she recovered.

In the name of love, she fell in love with him. From then on, there was no end to the bad Mokkadu quarrels between the two, realizing that the lie had no life. This is how life went on, enjoying the comfort of an illegitimate marriage that was heartbroken in the midst of endless conflict.

Indrajith even tried to kill her several times during the escalating conflict.
Eventually such a complaint was included in the police book of the Mirihana police. It was about an attempt by Indrajith to push her out of a car on Parliament Road and kill her.
In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, Indrajith unexpectedly has to face another unanswered question.

Indrajith's married wife who was abroad was preparing to return to Sri Lanka. Indrajith was very confused by this. He wanted to hide from his wife that he was having an affair with another woman. He was always wondering what to do with it.

One day he arrives at the main house in Gangodawila and leaves on the promise of bringing his mother's dinner, who lives alone there. Meanwhile, he makes a phone call to his mistress, hoping to meet her.

According to the call, she came to Boralesgamuwa. She got into his car from Boralesgamuwa and went with him to Panadura because Indrajith said he wanted to buy food. The two had an argument while parking their car on Sri Maha Vihara Road and chatting.

It was in the middle of the stream that the memory of Indrajith, who was a little shaken by alcohol, awoke. It may have been due to his intoxication that he had realized that he had to keep all this a secret from his wife who was coming to Sri Lanka today and tomorrow.
At the same time, he saw his mistress next to him as a quadruped.

Many other things happened there secretly to the world. Only those two know that. At dawn the next day, police found Indrajith's body lying in his car, according to neighbors.

"A man was killed inside a car in Panadura." Who is he? Why was he killed and by whom? The police planned an investigation.

During the police search, it was found out who he was. The victim was identified as Indrajith Devanarayana, XNUMX, a resident of Gangoda Lake.

The Judicial Medical Officer concluded that Indrajith Devanarayana had died by strangulation. Blood was dripping from his nose as he fell on his face in the car.

Why was he killed? Police had to look into his life background. Why did Indrajith, a resident of Gangodawila, come to Panadura? Further investigation revealed that he was having an affair with a woman.

The woman, a resident of Panadura, was reported missing at the time. Only her mother could be seen at home. Accordingly, the police obtained some information about the daughter from the mother. The elderly mother revealed everything she knew to the police. After gathering all the information, the police suspected that her daughter had something to do with the murder.

The close relationship between the deceased and her was revealed to the police. Although the suspect was chased, police met her two days later when she came to surrender to the court through a lawyer.

She claimed that she had killed Indrajith and that he was his mistress. She further revealed to the police how the murder took place.

"On the way there were problems between us. He was very drunk. After a while I stopped the car and talked and he called me lovingly. When he approached me I thought Sir was in love with that. He escaped my bra. But all of a sudden he took it and put it around my neck and tightened it. Then I struggled as much as I could to get out of it.

He snatched it up and wrapped it around his neck as tight as he could. He fell on the seat. I got out of the car, ran and got into a three-wheeler and drove to Cross Junction. From there I got on another one and went home. Came there the next day. I saw a car surrounded by yellow straps.

The police were also there. I realized that Indrajith was dead. I killed Indrajith. I strangled him with both my hands. Then I told my mother and left. ” She said so calmly.

However, the mother and relatives of the deceased Indrajith tell a different story. Indrajith had said that he had received around Rs. XNUMX from a woman in Panadura and that she would avoid giving it to him.

It was also revealed that as a businessman he had to pay money at interest. The suspect in the murder had gone home wearing the clothes she was wearing at the time of the murder. She appeared in court with the same clothes.

Today Indrajith is dead. The casual wife is trapped in the ropes of the law. That was the end of the grief of such people who wandered the paths of love thinking that they were in love with each other.

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