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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Clearly sorry. No Rs. 5,000 Stalin cuts lime for the government

Speaking at a media briefing held today (5,000) Joseph Stalin stated that the non-addition of the Rs. 18 allowance promised by the government to the salary will lead to a loss of confidence in the decisions of the Cabinet.

"It simply came to our notice then. Not 5,000 rupees. Minister Ramesh Pathirana said that we had decided in September. No one has earned Rs. 5,000. By not giving it, it is clear that the credibility of the cabinet decision is over. We did not ask for Rs 5,000. We don't need Rs 5,000. But by not giving it, the credibility of the cabinet is gone. ” Said Mr. Stalin.

Meanwhile, the Minister in charge of the Police said that he condemned the threat made against the teachers.

Mr. Stalin further stated that the government's attempt to use the police for political purposes should be clarified.

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Looks like a mess!
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OK laugh!
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Very sad!
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