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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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The father falls in love with the mother through the essay written by the son

This is an interesting piece of news that says that the essay written by the son gave a hint about a mother's affair.

This is reported from a village in the North Western Province.

He was a mason by profession and a father of one. He was a very beautiful woman and his wife was 10 years younger than him. He built a house on a land inherited from his parents and lived happily with his wife and child.

Due to the curfew in the country due to the curfew, he had not been able to work properly for several months and earn an income.

He was on his way home from Colombo when he met a friend of his in the town near the village.

The friend told him that his wife had been in a relationship with a handsome young man who was working as a security guard in a neighboring village and that he had seen her talking to the young man for two or three days in front of a private educational institution in town.

His only son was happy to be home because he had not been home for about six weeks.

“Daddy, don't go anywhere. You have to stay with me. This time my father was not at home on my birthday either. I did all the homework our teacher gave me. He wrote 20 essays. ”

The child put his essay book in the father's hand. He was reading one by one the essays written by his son in beautiful letters
To the essay written by the child under the title How I Celebrated My Birthday.

He read it with great interest.

“Last Sunday I celebrated my birthday. It was not a happy day for me because Dad was not at home. Mom made a birthday cake. Mom brought me a new shirt and pants as a birthday present. My uncle also came to our house. He brought me a big bar of chocolate. ”

Leaving the essay book aside, he made phone calls and called his wife's parents and his parents home that night and told them about his wife's affair in front of them.

“If I had no children, I would never have kept him at home. I can't do that because of this kid. Two or three villagers told me about this the day I came to the village. This incident is true. The man had come to this house on his son's birthday. This association should be stopped after today. If not, I will make my own decision. ”

He said in front of everyone with great pain.

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