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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

China is mad because it said no to fertilizer

Qindao Sewing Biotech Group, a supplier of Chinese organic fertilizer to Sri Lanka, issued a statement today (26).

The letter of credit was opened on September 17 for the consignment of fertilizer and the consignment was shipped on September 23 in accordance with the delivery date stated in the letter of credit.

The company also says that there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the buyer created an artificial barrier to prevent the fertilizer stock from being accepted on time.

Accordingly, a re-investigation by a third party recognized by both parties should be carried out and if it is confirmed that the fertilizer stock contains Arvinia bacteria, the agreement should be terminated and the stock of fertilizer should be removed. Mentioned in the announcement.

It also states that if it is confirmed that the bacteria is not present, the Sri Lankan media should immediately correct the relevant news and look into the legal status of publishing false news.

Kndao Sewing Biotech Group also proposes that People's Bank be delisted into China if it does not comply with the terms of the letter of credit and international trade rules, or to prevent Chinese companies from doing business with the bank.

If not resolved, it could affect the reputation of the Sri Lankan government's procurement process and jeopardize future dealings with Chinese companies, the statement said.

Meanwhile, participating in a media briefing of the JVP, the Central Committee member of the party Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa stated the following.

“Now a microbial fertilizer ship imported from China is plying in the seas near Sri Lanka. Yesterday the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of State and a group of officials met the Chinese Ambassador. It has been reported that an agreement has been reached between China and Sri Lanka to test the fertilizer samples with the consent of a third party. If such a decision is taken without considering the reports of the Plant Quarantine Service of the Department of Agriculture, it is extremely serious. We recall that the Chinese Embassy had earlier issued a statement stating that this could even raise diplomatic issues. Therefore, it is clear what these decorations are for. They are preparing to unload the stock of manure containing microorganisms. The government should reveal the truth about this without throwing stones. It is the responsibility of the government to protect its officials. ”

Co-Cabinet Spokesman, Minister Dr. Ramesh Pathirana stated this at a media briefing held today.

The Chairman of the Ports Authority Nihal Keppetipola has already instructed to prevent the ship carrying this substandard organic fertilizer from entering the Port of Colombo. Therefore, the entry of that ship into the Sri Lankan port has been stopped at present. The Government of Sri Lanka has clearly stated that it is not prepared to obtain fertilizer below this standard. ”

Below is the full text of the article released by Qindao Sewing Biotech Group.

MediaStatementQingdaoSeawin 4
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