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"It took two minutes to get all six babies out," says the doctor who took the six twins out

How eager are a parent to expect a baby? We have met many parents who beg for their children to surrender to temples and churches. 

Some have been waiting for years. But the dream of milk will not come true. 

Fulfilling a milk dream is like getting ready for a little wedding at home, just like work duties. 

Parents' dreams are filled with love, and grandparents are getting ready with even more love. 

Doctors also have a big role to play. 

From the day a child is conceived, the mother completes the Paramita Dhamma. The same goes for a father. 

The whole game is beautiful the day the little one comes home with a heavy heart and a heart full of joy. 

We are talking about a mother and father who were ready to have such a dream and were lucky enough to bring home six puppies instead of one.

Dr. Tiran Dias undoubtedly undertook this important task.


Did you recognize that you have six children like this?

A scan can actually identify one, two, or three children. We did the scan that way. Really came to me 12 weeks ago. At the first test, I realized that I had six children. I think they had gone to another doctor before. They told me that the doctor had identified six children in this way. In addition to identifying the six, I also found out how the baby's heart rate was and how the six babies were in the womb. Because we have to identify these children one by one as we move forward. The reason is that we need to get separate reports for each child. So I found out how these six babies were in the womb and identified each one separately. Maybe the next time we look we can miss one baby. Because of this, each baby was identified and kept separate.

That is to say, Doctor, did you identify these six children separately in the early days?

Otherwise, if something goes wrong, we will identify the wrong baby and move on. So by this time I had identified the children separately. That's what I did first.

Even before having a baby, parents need to do a lot of special work. Then what special things did this mother and father have to do when they were about to have six children?

In fact, prenatal care was done in the same way as the average person. But I thought more about nutrition. Because there are six babies. We advised him to prepare his meal with extra formulas of fish and eggs. That means we increased nutrition three to four times more than the average mom. Complications are usually higher when there are six children. Because of that, we usually see only one child a month when we are expecting a baby. But at the beginning we checked this mother twice a month. For the past two weeks I have been checking on this mom day in and day out.

Was there a special preparation by the doctor when these children were born?

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like there are six kids out there. Having six children greatly increased the likelihood of bleeding. We were specially prepared for that. We usually prepare one blood pack when we have one baby. But I prepared 4 blood packs for this. Usually when we have one child we have an anesthesiologist with us. She is one of the doctors waiting to see the baby. But this time we brought in three anesthesiologists. We also brought in six more junior doctors in addition to the two chief specialist doctors, the pediatricians. That's one for each baby. On average, if one baby has three mislas, we bring 18 of the three babies. As soon as a baby comes into this world, we have to look after him. You can't do that by looking at him and taking turns looking at one another.

Does that mean, Doctor, did you prepare six teams for this?

We made 6 groups of one for each baby. We formed six groups of 1,2,3,4,5,6. We formed those six teams and did separate pre-training. That is to say, bring the doll, how can one group accept it when these children are born. How to get that kid out of there. All of this we did in a separate diary before we had children. Putting these groups together. We were able to learn how to improvise when we have a real baby. That is how this work was carried out.

Then, Doctor, how much time did all these six children have to come into this world from the first child to the sixth child?

All six took two minutes to pick up.

How are these children now? Are they okay?

Yes. No problem. They are fine now. Forty-six weeks of gestation, however. But we took them at thirty-one. That was 9 weeks ago. I have to stay under medical care for 3 to 4 weeks. So we have the necessary information ready.

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