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Friday, December 3, 2021

Ananga who had an affair with 8 women while his wife was abroad also takes over the wife of the millionaire businessman

A mother of three who had an affair with a man who had an affair with eight women had taken her husband's car and cried saying that she could not go back to her husband's house with her husband, reports from the Rajarata Police Minor Complaints Unit.

A newspaper advertisement has been published that a driver is needed to work in a car dealership of a millionaire businessman. According to the advertisement a young man has applied and he has been selected for the service. A few days later, he had an affair with the daughter of a millionaire businessman, a married mother of three, who was the manager of the company.

 The 14-year-old daughter of the woman had been caught having an affair with him and he had been removed from the company after being caught having an affair. They have continued their relationship through mobile phones. A few days later, the woman had taken her husband's car and her five-year-old daughter to the location of the accident using a road map using Google technology.

 The woman's husband had lodged a complaint with the police. 

The man's wife is currently working abroad and has three children, police said. She has said she cannot go. Despite being asked by the police not to risk her life by being deceived by such idiots, keeping in mind that she is a mother of three children, the woman refused and left the police station with her illegitimate husband in a three-wheeler like a newly married couple when her husband and their children were in tears. Further reports.

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