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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

I have not had any injections or plastic surgery. I can prove it anywhere.

The little butterfly that said, "I am going to fly in the wind and fly in the distant sky" took up residence in the hearts of her friends. The spiral, which spun faster than the wind and read like little scissors, then renewed that fond memory. Even though that little girl has been a girl for a long time, the little girl who was attracted to her heart is still strangely lodged in the little one. She is Natasha Perera. She is the one who decorates the heartbeat sheet today.

How is life these days?

Hoping to do a new song. Attend invitations. In addition, I spend my time happily doing professional work.

Were there restrictions on the arts after marriage?

The reason is that they have to go abroad after marriage. I moved to Australia for permanent residency. It has been almost a year and a half since I came to Sri Lanka on holiday. The hope is to stay in Sri Lanka now. As a result, I missed a number of invited designs. Several works of art before that 

Missed out because of education. In 2015 I had to take a short break from art due to factors such as becoming a lawyer and going abroad.

Didn’t taking a break from art hinder popularity?

I understand the truth that nothing is the same. It is also common to popularity. Twenty years have passed since I sang The Wind Goes. I know that popularity will not be the same today as it was then. It is a normal thing as well as the nature of the world. I'm not a big designer but I'm still loved by people. It was a great privilege for me.

Do you believe that the spectator love associated with the spin still exists?

It has been almost 17 years since the teledrama 'Dagamalla' was telecast. It recently aired 15 years later. Even after a while, there is hardly a day that goes by that the question of whether Dagamalla will be telecast again on social media is not heard. There are so many people who have embraced such a twist. I feel that love is still there.

Body My Name Clothes My Name Why do you fashion on the concept of hurting anyone?

No. I'm not in the concept of not looking if you like it or not. I'm here because of the audience and the fans. It is difficult to build our existence in the field the day they reject us. Despite the accusations of a minority, I have won the love of the majority. I fashion beautifully for them. I do fashion for people who love me.

Is it difficult to enjoy life and fashion in a cultural country like Sri Lanka?

It varies depending on the angle of the viewer. Certain restrictions are imposed on culture and morality. Those situations do not arise in styling to suit the place. I live in the arts and love to do fashion. Although a minority makes various accusations, the majority follow that fashion. Nobody talks about it. Although I do fashion in the arts, I do not use makeup in the legal profession. It is not a problem if we can adapt to its nature in each case. 

Does fashion follow a foreign celebrity?

As someone who lived abroad, I saw the fashion in that country. I experienced the fashion of the world with my own eyes. So I do not follow anyone. I do not hesitate to follow the fashion that suits me.

How did a woman cope with the mudslinging and accusations on social media?

If you stay in the field you should be able to withstand lifts as well as mudslides. Mentally swell when praised and muddy when attacked 

It is difficult to live without the practice of falling. The essence of Buddhism is to bear all that with ignorance. If it can be justified as a normal thing, it will be easier not only to stay in the field but also to live.

Various rumors spread in the field as well as on social media about the image change. What do you think about that?

There are still various rumors circulating. Even if I say it out loud, people will only accept what they want. I have not had any injections or plastic surgery. I can prove it anywhere. I am involved in a racket selling various vaccines using my name. I spoke to them personally and corrected it. You want to be fashionable and beautiful. But the harmful effects of certain coatings can take some time. Therefore, it is more important to whiten the skin with natural beauty treatments.

Didn't the economy build a stable state through art because it is difficult to build a existence from it?

 I entered the field as a child singer. I was able to balance education with art. I always did art part time. Therefore, I hope to continue my career in the arts with dedication while pursuing a career based on my educational qualifications.

Are there directors who would like to work in the future?

I have received invitations from the top teledrama directors as well as film directors in Sri Lanka. I am very lucky in that respect. But I had to decline those invitations. The actresses who emerged from those productions are now making a good name in the field. But I have no regrets about that.

Isn't it the best time to add a third to the family?

At present there is no such hope. I hope to stabilize first and then think about it.


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