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Dilmi Hansani who came out of the laity dressed as a bride and entered Meheni Sasana

Twenty-one years is the best young age in life for a girl. At that age it is difficult for us to understand the impermanence of worldly life. A young woman who realized such a life reconciled on September 30. Twenty one year old Dilmi Hansani Navodaya, a resident of Pannipitiya, Kalalgoda, came to this noble decision recognizing the futility of life. She passed away in Kalalgoda under the name of Sudarshika Mehena. HA runs a business in Kaduwela. Basil and Maheshika are her parents.

Many see the reasons for being ordained as loss, grief, defeat, or disappointment. But Dilmi told the world that it was not so. Hours before the ceremony, she wore seven necklaces around her neck as a Kandyan bride.

We found out about this incident on social media. Many people started talking about this because she came to be ordained as a bride. Who told her to dress like this? Why did her mother weep so much when she was ordained? Why did people around take so many photos with their mobile phones? A number of such questions had been posted on social media pages regarding her incident.

At the time of her ordination, her sisters were dressed in the same white robes. That mother may have hoped that someday her daughters would dress up in the same outfits when they got married. But her dreams have faded by now. However, his daughter realized the misery of Sasare and realized that everything is impermanent.

We found out about her in 'Mawrata' newspaper. Accordingly, the parents of the monk involved in this incident were contacted by Mr. Charith Jayakody. We thank him for that.

This is what the father of Kalalgoda Sudarshika Meheni Thero told us about his daughter's conversion to Sasana.

“This is my eldest daughter, and she has three younger daughters. Two go to school. One of them is hoping to enter the teaching profession after completing a fashion design course. This child asked us permission to sew from an early age. The Sri Jayabodhi Temple in Kalalgoda is closest to our homes. While waiting for the baby to be born, my wife and I stayed at the temple. When the baby was six years old, he said, 'Daddy, I need to sew.' Then I said, 'Study a little.' Then about 3 years ago my daughter asked us about it again. And then we gave permission. If this is not possible, we will bless our daughter so that she may have the right path in the future. This child began to search for life from an early age. Meditated. He also had no desire for marriage. When we asked about it, Dad said I would not marry.

Our family had a great bond with the temple. The Aththadassi Thero of the temple regularly participates in our alms giving. Eighty Buddha rooms were built in our temple. This daughter had a great desire to receive a statue. We took over the first statue and offered it. This child worshiped this Buddha's room with flowers in the morning and evening. Her journey was hastened by her strong association with the temple. This child turned to Dhamma more than the other children in our family. I realized that life is miserable. Asked for a sermon on YouTube. My daughter was very much focused on meditation. He had been accustomed to giving up since he was a child. I often discussed the Dhamma with the Thero of the village temple. When we talked about being ordained, we were told that one day we would not have to leave our robes. Then he said, 'No, Dad, I will never take off my robes. I only wear this once. '

She was dressed like a bride on the day of her ordination because of a ritual. There is a ritual here about how to dress before becoming a Lord.
The daughter's mother is still crying. I haven't made up my mind yet. She is very sensitive. You have to stay in the monastery for months before being ordained. The day my daughter went to stay like that, she cried a lot. This child did not have to stay in the monastery for a long time because he knew the Dhamma. Quickly sewed… ”තාත්තා Here is what the Father said.

The Director of the Mathika Matha Pirivena in Padukka and the Assistant Director of Education at the Meheni Educational Institution, Ven.

“I sewed this baby. She was to be sent to another monastery by the Chief Thero of the Sri Jayabodhi Vihara. However, he was referred to this Pirivena as he wanted to pursue further education here. It was suggested that we sew on the same day as the Great Thero's birthday. This child used to tell the Chief Thero that he too would like to be anointed. The chief monks then told me to wait until after 20 years. What this child is telling me is that secular people cannot be trusted. The story that people change very quickly. She has seen in society that the love she had before marriage is no more after marriage. She understood why there was so much grief and attachment.

She was sent to the Sri Lanka International Buddhist Institute in Kundasale, Kandy for further education.

When sewing a child who has not reached puberty, it is customary to wear a children's sari. An unmarried young girl dresses up as a bride because it is also a life experience. I too was anointed 28 years ago according to that custom. That's how this child was sewn. There are about twenty five monks working in this pirivena. ”

The ritual of dressing the bride as a bride before being ordained means finding out if her heart is sticking to secular life or marriage again. An unmarried person may not have experienced the nature of it, so he may often have a desire to do so. So I dress her up as a bride and watch her mind change at the last minute. The image created by a beautician is more likely to deceive her at that moment. If she changes her mind at that moment, she is approved to be sent to secular life, and if she does not change her mind, she is to be ordained. It is considered as a guide and some observation to enter the clerical life.

It is hard for a mother to bear the pain of losing her child. Although she has three more daughters, it is difficult to leave her. How can a mother bear the thought of cutting her daughter's long hair and giving it to her? This daughter realized that all that was impermanent.
When her daughter entered the priesthood, the mother wept bitterly because of the love of the children. There were tears in the eyes of many who were waiting for that opportunity.

At the age of twenty-one, she was fortunate enough to give up all ties and enter the noble clerical life. The attachment in this life is grief. Kalalgoda Sudarshika We wish the Venerable Thero to realize the sublime Nirvana here. I also wish these loving parents who gave birth to such a pious daughter to the world for the sake of the realization of the sublime Nirvana.

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